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Swaying Seagrass Instructions

Our Swaying Seagrass Infusion is filled with fragrant citrus and coconut, reminiscent of soft tropical [...]

Rainbow Gummi Shimmer Shot Instructions

Our gummi shimmer shots are a fun way to celebrate any occasion. Bachelorette/bachelor parties, bridal [...]

Honey Lemon Drop Infusion Instructions

Our Honey Lemon Drop Infusion is a twist on the beloved lemon drop cocktail. The [...]

Lavender Haze Infusion Instructions

Our Lavender Haze is a LIMITED TIME flavor. The bitters & Lavender complement the tartness [...]

Fairy Dust Mocktail Set Instructions

Our Fruity & Berry Fairy Dust Mocktail Infusion set is perfect for birthday parties! The [...]

Berry Fairy Dust Mocktail Instructions

Our Berry Fairy Dust Mocktail is perfect for birthday parties! This fun flavor turns a [...]

Fruity Fairy Dust Mocktail Instructions

Our Fruity Fairy Dust Mocktail is perfect for birthday parties! This fun flavor turns a [...]

Summertime Infusion Set Instructions

Our Summertime infusion set is a collection of our most popular summer cocktails. So sit [...]

Springtime in Paris Infusion Instructions

Our Springtime in Paris Infusion is springtime in a glass! Fragrant lemons with juniper berries, [...]

Celebration Infusion Set Instructions

Our Celebration Infusion Set includes 4 8oz jars of Orange & Cherry spritz, Grapefruit Hibiscus, [...]