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Cocktail Infusions Party Ideas

Mango Mojito Cocktail

You are going to love this refreshing and fresh Mango Mojito, This is especially great [...]

Cocktail Infusions Mocktails & Infusions

Cucumber Jalapeno Mule Mocktail

The coolness of cucumber and the heat of the jalapeno makes for a fabulous mule. [...]

Cocktail Infusions Party Ideas

Lemon Blueberry Spritz

If you like Lemon drops, you will LOVE our lightened up Lemon Blueberry Spritz. 

Party Ideas

Red, White & Blue Cocktail

Our Red, White & Blue cocktail is perfect for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day [...]

Party Ideas

Tropical Tiki Popsicle in Cocktail

This Cocktail looks and tastes fabulous. It will transport you to a sandy beach with [...]

Party Ideas

NEW Craft Cocktail Party Favors (w/personalized tag file)

Whenever your planning a party, there are so many details to think of. Decorations, food, [...]

Cocktail Infusions Party Ideas

Boozy Ice Cream Sundaes

If you like booze and ice cream, then you are going to 🧡 this! We [...]

Cocktail Infusions Party Ideas

How to Use Craft Cocktail Infusions

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