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Grapefruit Hibiscus Infusion Instructions

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This fresh infusion combines the grapefruit with a slight floral flavor from the hibiscus. The angostura bitter infused sugar and lime adds depth to this flavorful infusion.

Ingredients– grapefruit, hibiscus flowers, limes, bitters and grapefruit infused organic sugar,

Infuse with gin, vodka, rum, tequila, tea, water. (any preferred drink!) This flavor works best with the cold infusion method.

Mix with seltzer, champagne, lemonade, limeade

Cold Infusion (2-3 days)

Fill with approx.16oz. of cool alcohol, wine or water

Let sit for 2-3 days (the longer the infusion sits, the stronger the flavor)

Shake the jar every so often to help the ingredients blend. Keep refrigerated after infusing, strain & enjoy!



Warm Infusion (1hour- 2 days)

Best for infusions with chocolate & candies

Fill with approx.16oz of warm or hot (not boiling) liquor

Let sit from a few hours to 1-2 days

Shake every so often to help the ingredients meld, strain & enjoy!

Our infusions are concentrated, even our sangrias. While some flavors may be enjoyed on the rocks, most will need to be added to a mixer. Keep refrigerated after infusing


Basic Recipe

1 part infusion (1 1/2 oz. approx)

3 parts mixer (4 1/2 oz. approx)

For a stronger drink try a 1 part infusion (1 1/2oz) to 2 parts mixer (3 oz.)

Adjust to taste.

At your next gathering try a variety of mixers and let your guests make their favorite cocktails from just one of our flavors. Makes 8-10 drinks.

Grapefruit Hibiscus Infusion 


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