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How to Use Craft Cocktail Infusions

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First we want to tell you some of the things that make Craft Cocktail Infusions special and unique

Our infusions are created with hand selected fruit that is treated with vitamin C so that the fruit stays bright and flavorful.

Candy is our unique ingredient


Some of our flavors include Belgian chocolate or honey sticks that add a depth of flavor to our infusions.

We have lots of ideas and recipes for how to use our Craft Cocktail Infusions. The best way to think of our infusions is that they become concentrates.

Cold Infusion (2-3 days)

Fill with approx.16 oz. of cool alcohol, wine or water

Let sit for 2-3 days (the longer the infusion sits, the better the flavor!)

Shake jar every so often to help the ingredients blend. Keep refrigerated after infusing


Warm Infusion (1 hour- 2 days)

Fill with approx.16 oz of warm or hot (not boiling) liquor

Let sit from 1+ hours to 2 days

Shake every so often to help the ingredients meld. Keep refrigerated after infusing

Our infusions are concentrated, even our sangrias. While some flavors may be enjoyed on the rocks, most will need to be added to a mixer.

Below is a WARM infusion, works best for our Chocolate Flavors! Only needs to infuse for 1+ hours.

On each of our  lid labels, we list liquors or non alcoholic items to use and also good mixes that will work with each flavor.

Each jar is 16oz. and depending upon how strong you like your cocktail, each will make 8 to 10 drinks.

There are two ways to infuse the flavors, a warm or cold infusion.

Basic Recipe

1 part infusion   (1 1/2 oz. average)

3 parts mixer (4 1/2 oz. average)

Adjust to taste.

In our photo below, we used our Chocolate Mint Infusion. We used a warm infusion which helps the bittersweet chocolate melt. We filled a glass with ice, cream and our chocolate infusion and added crushed candy as a garnish.

Check out our recipes for each of our different flavors.



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