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Pink Grapefruit Gummi Shimmer Shots Instructions

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Our gummi shimmer shots are a fun way to celebrate any occasion. Bachelorette/bachelor parties, bridal showers, birthday parties, the perfect party favors!

Your friends will LOVE our pink grapefruit infused gummi shots. Each jar turns a beautiful shimmery pink rose color that is both fun and full of flavor! Cheers

Ingredients- Grapefruit infused organic sugar, flavored gummies & rose edible glitter

Each jar holds approx. 6-7 shots that you can enjoy with your alcohol infused gummi bears.

Fill jar to top– 8 oz. of your favorite alcohol

Let infuse from 1-4 hours

Pour into shot glasses or Prosecco/ Champagne, add Gummies

& Cheers!

Pink Grapefruit Gummi Shimmer Shot