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Swaying Seagrass Instructions

Our Swaying Seagrass Infusion is filled with fragrant citrus and coconut, reminiscent of soft tropical sea breezes. This flavor is turns a gorgeous blue color!

We donate a portion of proceeds to the Nature Conservancy (a cause that is very close to our heartsūüĆīūüĆä)

Ingredients- Butterfly Pea flowers, dried lemons, limes, coconut & lemon infused organic sugar

Infuse- Rum, vodka, tequila, water,  tea,

Mix or Top sparkling water, lemonade, limeade, coconut water/milk


Cold Infusion (2-3 days)

Fill with approx.16oz. of cool alcohol, or water

Let sit for 2-3 days (the longer the infusion sits, the stronger the flavor)

Shake jar every so often to help the ingredients blend. Keep refrigerated after infusing, strain and enjoy!


Warm Infusion (1hour- 2 days)

Best for infusions with chocolate & candies

Fill with approx.16oz of warm or hot (not boiling) liquor

Let sit from a few hours to 1-2 days

Shake every so often to help the ingredients meld

Keep refrigerated after infusing, strain & enjoy!

Our infusions are concentrated, even our sangrias. While some flavors may be enjoyed on the rocks, most will need to be added to a mixer

. Keep refrigerated after infusing

Basic Recipe

1 part infusion   (1 1/2 oz. approx.)

3 parts mixer (4 1/2 oz. approx.)

For a stronger drink try a 1 part infusion  (1 1/2oz) to 2 parts mixer (3 oz.)

Adjust to taste.


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