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Valentines & Galentines Infusion Set

Valentines Galentines day set jars web

Our Valentines/ Galentines Infusion Set includes 4 8 oz jars. Rose Petal Cocktail Infusion, Chocolate Strawberry & Cherry Infusion, Sparkling Hibiscus & Orange, Chocolate Espresso Infusion, Also includes sparkling water and a cocktail strainer! Rose Petal Cocktail Angostura bitters infused sugar, lemons, honey, hibiscus, roses, petals & edible glitter Infuse with vodka, gin, rum, wine, […]

Rose Petal Cocktail Infusion Instructions

rose petal cocktail spill web

Our Rose Petal cocktail infusion is a delicious floral and citrus cocktail that is accented with bitters and honey. This cocktail turns pink with a iridescent shimmer.   Ingredients– Angostura bitters infused sugar, lemons, honey, hibiscus, rose buds, petals & edible glitter Infuse with vodka, gin, rum, wine, water, tea Mix or top with lemonade, champagne or […]

Chocolate Strawberry & Cherries Infusion Instructions

chocolate strawberry & cherries spill web

Chocolate covered strawberries & cherries are the perfect ending for any special occasion. Our Chocolate Strawberry & Cherries Infusion turns your favorite dessert into a delectable cocktail! Bittersweet chocolate, strawberries, cherries, vanilla sugar, honey. Infuse with vodka, rum ,water Mix with cream, milk, coffee, over ice cream, whipped cream Cold Infusion (2-3 days) Fill with approx.16oz. of […]

Witches Brew Infusion Instructions

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SEASONAL FLAVOR This glittery infusion set will be the hit of your next party, Our artisan Cocktail Sets are perfect for tailgating and holiday season! Our set includes 1 Jar Black Widow Elixir– Orange & Cherry (iridescent) 1 Jar Witches Brew– Blueberry & Botanicals (purple) 1 Jar Mexican Death by Chocolate- Chocolate Chili (black) 1 Jar Goblet of Fire– Pumpkin Spice […]

Tropical Tiki Infusion Instructions

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Tropical flavors touched with honey creates an infusion that will remind you of your favorite beach vacations. Just imagine warm breezes as you sip your cocktail!   NOTE- REMOVE paper from HONEY stick BEFORE filling  Ingredients– Pineapples, coconut, oranges, mangos, bananas, organic sugar, honey, Infuse with rum, vodka, tequila, water, green tea Mix (or top […]

Strawberry Basil Margarita Infusion Instructions

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Bright strawberries flavored with basil, limes and Angostura bitters makes this one of the best margaritas you have ever tasted! NOTE- REMOVE paper from HONEY stick BEFORE filling  Ingredients- strawberries, limes, basil, oranges, bitters infused sugar Infuse with tequila, vodka, rum, gin, water/green tea Mix with limeade, lemonade, club, champagne   Cold Infusion (2-3 days) […]

Sparkling Citrus Infusion Instructions

sparkling citrus infusion spill web

This citrus infusion sparkles with grapefruit, honey and elderflower. A delicious mix that is wonderful whether infused with liquor or wine. NOTE- REMOVE paper from HONEY stick BEFORE filling  Ingredients-Lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, elderflower infused sugar, honey Infuse with wine, vodka, rum, tequila. Gin, water, green tea Mix (or top off) with ginger ale, cider, […]