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Easy Easter Cocktails & Finger Foods

easy easter cocktails and finger foods

We created easy Easter cocktails & finger foods to complement our Springtime in Paris Cocktail infusion that are perfect for Easter or any Spring celebration.

Our Springtime in Paris Infusion is filled with juniper berries, roses, lemons and lemon infused sugar. We infused with gin and used 1.5 oz of infusion with 4 oz lemonade (I also love to top with Prosecco.) Our garnish is dried rose petals to add to the celebratory vibe.

Each jar will serve 10 drinks so enjoy with friends or keep in the fridge for a later time.

The best part of all of our infusions is that each drink can be different! Add sparkling water or prosecco or lemonade or a touch of herbal soda or hibiscus tea. Whenever you have an infusion in the fridge, you are prepared for a party!

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Coconut macaroon nests filled with Robin’s egg  are the perfect dessert, They are easy and fun and delicious! We were inspired by this recipe but used unsweetened coconut and cut the recipe in half.

We found a vintage Easter image and printed it on a sticker  and placed them on the charcuterie cups.

Our charcuterie cups are filled with sliced red peppers, carrots, fresh parsley, celery, broccoli, grape tomatoes, sliced cucumbers and sugar snap peas. An easy and delicious veggie dip to use with the charcuterie cups are Hidden Valley Restaurant Ranch or another homemade ranch dressing.

Spend more time enjoying your friends and less time in the kitchen. These easy appetizers and desserts are guaranteed to impress any guest.

Resources- Amazon for Charcuterie cups and picks and foam Easter eggs to use for decoration.







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