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Sparkling Rosé Sangria for Summer Parties

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Rosé Sangria is a wonderful spring or summer drink to enjoy. We include recipes for rosé sangria and recipes with our newest flavor, strawberry hibiscus sangria. 

Keep these recipes handy for your next pool party, celebration or at home happy hour 🍹🥂

How to make rosé sangria


“Sangria” is the Spanish term used for a mix of wine and fruit. Sangria is a wine infusion and the perfect party drink!

They look beautiful and are very easy to be creative with your cocktails. 


Traditional sangria is made from red wine from the Rioja region in Spain. We like being very creative with our sangrias. 


Choose wines that are dry with fruit flavors and are simple and not complex wines. This is true whether you choose a white, red or rosé. Use a wine for the sangria that you enjoy drinking but is inexpensive.

Sangrias are the perfect party cocktail since they are so easy to make and the flavor combinations are endless!

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rose sangria


Sangria party set-up


It is great to have some choices for your guests when having a party. Using large beverage dispensers are perfect to use for sangrias. On a smaller scale, a clear pitcher and glasses to showcase the fruits are perfect.


Try a sangria bar! Try different flavors of sangria in dispensers and add a tray of different cut up fruit in bowls or jars. 

On the try add sparkling water, champagne, and any complimentary juices. Alternatively you could fill a variety of carafes and set bowls for fruit with an assortment of glasses.


If you would like to add different flavors to your sangrias, you could opt for elderflower, rose or lavender.(As you may find at Spanish Sangria bars)


Rosé sangria recipe


When it comes to the fruit, use a combination that you enjoy, such as strawberries, mangoes, peaches, raspberries, pomegranates, grapefruit or oranges. All of these fruits will go very well with rosé  

.12 servings


2 ½ cups cut up fruit

½ cup Grand Marnier, triple sec or Cointreau

2 tbsp sugar

2 bottles rosé


Add the fruit, triple sec and sugar together and let soak for about 30 mins..

Add the wine and fruit mix to the pitcher, stir and refrigerate for 1-4 hours.

Serve over ice. 


Top off with champagne or sparkling water if you would like to add  a little bubbly!


rose sangria recipe


To Go Sangria

If you are heading to a friend’s house or going picnicking just add the rosé sangria to drink pouches and enjoy on the go. Our very own Capri Suns! 


Strawberry hibiscus rosé sangria


Our newest infusion flavor is strawberry hibiscus sangria, which was created to be used with rosé, although white wine will work also.

The fruity strawberries with the lightly floral hibiscus & honey is a wonderful addition to the traditional citrus.


Fill the jar with rosé and let it infuse for up to 3 days. Serve over ice and top off with sparkling water or champagne if you would like to add some bubbly.


Conclusion rosé sangria

Sangrias are perfect for so many occasions that it should be a summer go-to drink. If you would like another great drink for gatherings, check out our frozen rosé ideas!

Try our Crisp White Sangria & Rich and Fruity Sangria too.

Check out our article ” How to make sangria” for traditional red and white sangria recipes. This article tells you everything you need to know about making sangrias.


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