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Sangria Flight with DIY Hand Painted Macarons

Sangria flights & hand painted macarons

Our sangria flight with hand painted macarons are perfect to be served for celebrations such as birthdays, showers or for Mothers Day!   

These are perfect when you want something that is beautiful, and really has that  “wow” factor!


Sangrias are perfect any celebration, especially when the weather turns a little warmer. They  are refreshing and great for brunches or afternoon drinks. These can also be made for showers or bachelorette parties!

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sangria flights feature

Sangria flights

Sangria flights are a fun and delicious way to serve drinks to your guests. Create an assortment of white, red and rosé sangrias for your guests to sample. You can easily follow our recipes or create some of your own and place in pitchers. that your guests can sample.

Our Sangria Infusions make it extra easy, just add your preferred wine, all fruits are already included!

Sangria Infusion Set

Rich & Fruity Sangria

Crisp White Sangria

Strawberry Hibiscus Rosé Sangria

Set out glasses and jars filled with assorted cut up fresh fruit for your guests to add to their drinks. 

DIY Hand painted macarons

DIY hand painted macarons


We are going to get creative by also showing you an easy DIY way to make the most elegant dessert that will really impress your guests! 


We will be using purchased macarons for our hand painted macaron tutorial. Macarons are available online or from Costco, Aldi or Trader Joes. We will be using food coloring and edible glitter to paint on the macarons.


Making macarons from scratch is not that difficult, but it does take some care. Follow the recipe carefully and you will have amazing pastries to enjoy. French Macaron Recipe 


Hand painted macarons would be lovely on a shower dessert table also. They can be painted in the bridal colors or decorated with the couple’s names with food color markers. A few Google image searches of “hand painted macarons” will give you lots of ideas or inspiration. 


This is an elegant and easy way to create a gorgeous dessert for any party!



fine paint brush (to be used for food only)

small container with water

paper towel

food coloring

saucer to place food coloring on

optional edible glitter

Directions for DIY Hand painted macarons

  1. Decide on your color scheme,
  2. Place chosen food colors on saucer (we used green, yellow, red & blue)
  3. Mix chosen colors – We mixes some yellow with the green and mixed some blue with red to make a deeper red/purple to use along with the plain red.
  4. Use a small amount of water to change colors and also to lighten up the flower petals. Do not use too much water, use the paper towel for any excess
  5. White the flowers are still damp, place tip of the brush in the edible glitter and dab on the macarons to add a bit of sparkle..
  6. Place on a decorate plate to serve OR
  7. Purchase clear favor boxes and add 2 or 3 macarons to each box (whatever fits). Wrap the box with a coordinating ribbon to create gorgeous favors!



Conclusion Sangria flights with hand painted macarons

Serving sangria flights with hand painted macarons will easily impress your guests. With just a little bit of planning, this delicious combination would be perfect for Mothers Day or a girlfriends get together. 

Another option would be to create a mimosa bar with the hand painted macarons! Use our ideas as a jumping off point to make yours specific to your theme or occasion

sangria flights for parties.

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