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8 Easy Sangria Bar Party Tips

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It’s that time of year, summer party season! Graduation parties, Memorial Day, 4th of July, all perfect for a sangria bar.   


Having a sangria bar is a great way to give your guests options. By offering different wines, fruits and juices, your guests can make many different versions of their chosen drink. 

easy sangria bar party tips

What goes into a sangria bar?

  1. First decide what types of wine you would like to use. You could offer a red, rosé and/or a white wine. If you are having a large party and have three dispensers available, then you could offer all three. 
  2. Depending upon the sangria recipes that you choose, instead of adding the juice to the dispensers, you could fill the carafe with a variety of juices.

 Orange is traditional, but you could offer peach, sparkling water, pomegranate, mango…whatever compliments your wine and fruit choices. 

  1. Next is the fruit. Add fruit to each container on your sangria bar to infuse (unless using our infusions, then you just need the wine!)

Red wine– cherries, oranges, berries, pomegranate arils would all work well. Check out these top 15 wines of summer!

White wine– Apples, kiwis, peaches, oranges, lemon or limes would be perfect! Try these “hot” wines perfect for your sangria bar!

Rosé wine– Strawberries, peaches, oranges, lemons, raspberries or even some lavender or basil would be delicious. Try these amazing Rosé wines, perfect for your sangria!

sangria bar pitchers

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  1. Cut additional fruit and/or herbs that your guests can add to their own glasses. They can be cut up and added to mason jars or set out decoratively on plates. 

Fill a cup or mason jar with straws for your guests. 

  1. If you would like to prevent any watering down of your sangria, add some frozen fruit to your sangria. 

Frozen grapes, strawberries, peaches would be a great addition to keep your sangria cold. Freeze fruit at least a few hours before serving time. Alternatively, have some Ice nearby in a cooler or ice bucket handy. 

  1. Offer a virgin sangria bar! (look below for ideas)

Virgin Sangria Bar

If you would like to make the sangria bar non alcoholic. You could use non alcoholic wines and decorate the same as above. 

You can also make sure to have signs on juices with cut nearby to encourage guests to make a virgin sangria. 

How do you serve sangria for a party?

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  1. Serve sangria in large glass or clear beverage dispensers, carafes or pitchers for your sangria bar.

 Sangria is such a visually appealing drink that you want to make sure that your guests can see all the delicious fruit that you have added.

virgin sangria bar

Does sangria have a lot of alcohol?

Depends. If your sangria is just wine and fruit, then the alcohol will be around 12 percent on average, depending upon the wine.

 If you are following a more traditional recipe that includes brandy or triple sec, then the alcohol content will be greater. 

If you are adding sparkling water or juice to the recipe the alcohol content will be lower. 

There is a lot of flexibility with alcohol content, but compared to many other mixed drinks that have stronger liquors, sangria is lower in alcohol.

Craft cocktail sangria infusions

  1. We offer three flavors of Sangria; Strawberry Hibiscus Rosé Sangria, Rich and Fruity Sangria, and Crisp White Sangria. All you have to do is add wine for your sangria bar! All the fruit, sugar and flavors are already added.

Conclusion Sangria Bar Party Tips

It’s seriously easy to create a sangria bar for your guests. It looks amazing and it is always a crowd pleaser. 

Your guests can make it as strong or light as they wish. Plus the kids or anyone not wanting to drink alcohol will not be left out with our virgin sangria bar ideas. Enjoy your next gathering with family and friends. Cheers!



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