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Red, White & Blue Cocktail

Red white and blue cocktail

Our Red, White & Blue cocktail is perfect for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day or any summer BBQ, 

We created this delicious cocktail with our Tropical Tiki Infusion.

We wanted to use only frozen fresh fruit as the red and blue layers. Our red layer needed more strawberry added to show up better, so we re worked the recipe so that the layers were more even. Although the cocktail tasted amazing, we just needed to tweak the colors!

Perfect 4th of July Toasts!

Red White & Blue Cocktail

Fill glass with ice

1.5 oz. Infusion (added to the blueberry puree for a few minutes to color the infusion)

2 oz. Blueberry puree (use a small handful of frozen blueberries)

2. oz. Strawberry puree (use a small handful of frozen berries)

2 oz. Coconut Milk (whipped with a hand blender or whisk to froth)

To layer

Bottom layer, add the blueberries and infusion

Middle layer add the strawberries

Top with the coconut milk

Add honey to the rim, coat with unsweetened coconut flakes

Garnish with strawberries & blueberries if desired





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