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Picnic Food Ideas for Two

picnic food ideas

Enjoy these fabulous picnic food ideas for two, perfect for a weekend afternoon date or a nice alfresco lunch with a girlfriend. Cheers!   

Strawberry Basil Margarita Infusion

or (Lemon Drop, Classic Mojito or Hot & Spicy Bloody Mary!)

Infuse with tequila, vodka for a cocktail or water for a mocktail

Makes 10 drinks

use 1.5 oz. Infusion

3-4 oz. Limeade

Strawberry Basil Lemonade 


7 oz sugar

3/4 cup lemon Juice (6 fresh or a combo of fresh and concentrate)

4 1/2 Cups water

6 Fresh basil leaves (approx.)

4 oz fresh strawberries  slices



In small  saucepan mix sugar with one cup of water until melted

Remove from heat and add to the rest of the water & lemon Juice

Remove seeds from the lemonade

Crumble the basil

Add sliced strawberries crushing a little


*Note- If you have a mortar & pestle, muddle the basil and strawberries a little before adding to the lemonade


picnic food ideas for two

Turkey & Brie w/ Apple sandwiches

French bread or ciabatta rolls

Per 2 servings


(2) ½  inch bread slices

4 oz Deli roasted turkey

2 oz Brie cut into pieces

6 slices gala apple per serving

1  oz baby arugula

Dijonnaise spread on bread


Dijonnaise spread

2 tsp Dijon

2 tsp mayo



Assembly Instructions

Spread Dijonaise on bread

Top with turkey, apple and brie

Broil in oven to melt brie

Add arugula

picnic food for two

Heirloom tomato salad

Tomatoes in season (preferable heirloom)

Sea salt

Fresh basil leaves

Drizzle with olive oil & balsamic vinegar



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