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Mocktails & Infusions

mocktail & Infusions feature

Its becoming very common to see non alcoholic cocktails or mocktails on restaurant menus. Many people don’t want to be left out just because they don’t want to have an alcoholic drink. 

All of our craft cocktail infusions can be infused with water, tea.& coffee. We give ideas that would work well with each of our flavors.

For example if the infusion you choose is grapefruit hibiscus, you would first infuse with 16 oz. hot water or tea.

Basic non-alcoholic infusion recipe

Use 1 part Craft cocktail infusion (1 1/2oz. approx.)

1 part citrus such as grapefruit juice (for our grapefruit hibiscus example) (1 1/2oz.approx.)

2 parts soda such as ginger ale or club (3 oz. approx.)

Adjust to taste

Garnish with a flavored sugar or fruit slice

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Additional mixing ideas

Use a splash of citrus and/or soda that accentuates the flavors that are included in your chosen infusion. This will give you endless options!

Remember the longer the infusion is allowed to steep, the stronger the flavor.

mocktail sangria

Citrus options

pomegranate, lemonade, limeade, cranberry, orange, mango, pineapple, grapefruit juice, passionfruit, guava,

Soda options

ginger ale, club soda, sparkling water,

botanical sodas

Cocktail mixers

Chocolate flavored non-alcoholic infusions

Infuse with 16 oz, water or coffee (Hot/warm infusion method is best)

1 part chocolate (mint, peanut butter or espresso)  (2 oz. approx.)

2 parts milk over ice or ice cream to blend for a milkshake (4 oz. approx.)

Use your own creativity to make your own concoctions!

chocolate milkshake infusion

Using alcohol substitutes

There are lots of options if you choose to infuse with alcohol substitutes. There are gin, tequila, rum & whiskey alternatives. Use any of these alcohol alternatives with our line of infusions to create great mocktails.

Sangria Infusions

Use any of our sangria infusions with non-alcoholic red or white wines! We have two traditional flavors, Crisp White Sangria and Rich & Fruity Sangria. But you can use many of our flavors with a non-alcoholic wine! You can create any type of flavored wine! Our Berry & Elderflower would make an amazing flavored red or rose’.


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