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Lemon Blueberry Spritz

lemon blueberry spritz 2
  • If you like Lemon drops, you will LOVE our lightened up Lemon Blueberry Spritz. 

This cocktail/mocktail uses the Lemon Drop Infusion. infused with vodka, although rum, tequila or gin will also taste fabulous. To make a mocktail infuse with green tea or a zero proof beverage.

lemon blueberry spritz

Lemon Blueberry Spritz Cocktail or Mocktail


Honey Lemon Drop Infusion 2oz.

Fresh or frozen blueberries, 1/8 cup for the drink, a few additional for the ice cubes

Fresh mint sprigs (if desired for the ice cubes)

4-5 oz sparkling water or Prosecco



Add frozen or fresh blueberries to ice cubes and freeze. Sprigs of mint can be added with the blueberries if handy.

Coat the rim with cocktail sugar if desired.

Fill the glass with the ice

Add 2 oz. infusion

Muddle a handful of blueberries, fresh or frozen and add to drink

Top with sparkling water or prosecco

Garnish with sliced lemon, sprigs of mint if desired.

Video of Lemon Blueberry Spritz


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