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Kids Fairy Dust Mocktails

fruity fairy dust cocktail photo

Our two new flavors are perfect for kids birthday parties!  Our Berry Fairy Dust Mocktail is flavorful, shimmery and turns sparkly purple. 

Our Fruity Fairy Dust Mocktail is fruity and turns a sparkly pink color. Fill each jar with water or tea and let infuse in the refrigerator. When ready to serve, Shake and pour 1.5 to 2 oz  into each fancy glass, (Shake or stir before pouring into each glass to make sure they all shimmer!) Serves 8-10

Top with sparkling water and a little lemonade or limeade. Have fun with garnishes! Add candies, colorful straws and cut up fruits if desired.

While all of our infusions can be made into mocktails, our Fairy Dust flavors are the first ones created with kids in mind! They are fun, sparkly and kids will love them!

Berry Fairy Dust Mocktails

Fruity Fairy Dust Mocktails

Fairy Dust Infusion Set



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