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DIY Floral Ice Bucket Tutorial

diy floral ice bucket tutorial

Our DIY floral ice bucket uses things you can easily find around the house. It makes any gathering or girls night extra festive. Use the ice bucket to hold bottles of wine, spirits or cut up fresh fruit.

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 DIY Floral flower bucket tutorial

Step 1

Find two containers that have at least a half inch between the sizes. I used an ice cream tub and a take out quart container. I also found a large yoghurt container that would work with the quart container.

Step 2

Suspend the inner container at least a half inch from the bottom. Use tape to hold it in place.

Step 3

Fill with water.

Step 4

Use a variety of cut up fruits and flowers. Remove the petals for roses or thicker flowers. find some thin stems if possible, which looks pretty!

Don’t overfill with flowers and fruits. Place the flowers and citrus in the water. Some may float to the top which is fine.

Don’t worry if the inner container moves a little and is not exactly even on all sides. There are ice molds that you can purchase if you plan on making these often.

Place in the freezer overnight or until solid.

Step 5

Remove from freezer. Add hot water to the center container until it is easily removed.

Place the whole container is a tub of warm water until it can be removed from the large container.

Place on a tray and keep in the freezer until you are ready to use the ice bucket.


Use two sizes of bowls to create a beautiful ice bowl for cut up fresh fruit. It will last for hours depending upon how warm it is out. Place on a tray to catch any melted water and it will make a simply stunning centerpiece!


diy floral ice bucket


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