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Cucumber Jalapeno Mule Mocktail

Cucumber Jalapeno Mule Mocktail

The coolness of cucumber and the heat of the jalapeno makes for a fabulous mule. Spicy fresh ginger, honey and limes add sparkle to this delicious mocktail. 

Mocktails should be as interesting and flavorful as any cocktail. Our Cucumber Jalapeno mule infusion is infused with green tea, although easily adding spirits turns it into a cocktail.

So next time you want to have a flavorful and spicy drink, this mule will definitely fit the bill.

P.S. The Infusion makes 8-10 drinks, so invite some friends over or keep in the fridge for another time to enjoy! Cheers.

Cucumber Jalapeno Mule Mocktail

Per serving

Add ice to the glass or mule cup

1.5 oz Cucumber Jalapeno Mule Infusion (Infused with green tea)

1.5 oz. Limeade or .5 oz Lime Juice

3-4 oz. Ginger ale or Ginger beer

Garnish with a Lime slice, cucumber or jalapeno if desired. We made a cucumber ribbon by using a vegetable peeler along the long side of a cucumber. Zig zag the ribbon on a cocktail pick. So easy and looks fabulous!


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