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Cocktail Infusions

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Cocktails are fun to make but they usually require a bunch of different ingredients that you may not have available. Cocktail infusions are an great way to enjoy artisan drinks easily.

Liquor vs Cocktail infusions

Infused liquors that are purchased usually have a single flavor, such as citrus or apple. This usually means that the cocktail will require more than the liquor and a mixer. You will need other syrups, mixers or fresh fruits to create your desired cocktail..


Cocktail infusions include all the ingredients to create your cocktail except a mixer. The ingredients in each infusion create a concentrated flavorful liquor, tea or water. 

Once the infused liquor or non-alcoholic beverage is created, mixers can be added or just used topped off. 


The benefits of cocktail infusions are that they include all the sugars, fruits, bitters and herbs that may be needed for a great cocktail. Infusions are an easy shortcut to exceptional cocktails. 


You don’t need to have a large supply of ingredients handy to be able to offer a variety of drinks to any guests. This can be handy when so many people have different tastes. 

Many of our infusions include dried fruits, herbs and infused sugars. Check out some of our flavors here


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How to use cocktail infusions


This is the fun part, using cocktail infusions is just like using a tea bag. You can use the hot or cold infusion method. 


The hot infusion method is simply heating whatever liquid you will be infusing. A hot infusion speeds up the process if you would rather use it in a day or two. 

The longer the infusions sit the more the flavors will marry. Three days is great for a cool infusion although they can be enjoyed earlier.

Cocktail infusion kit


Cocktail infusion kits come in many shapes and sizes. With liquor laws, it is difficult to ship liquor in many cases. That is why so many cocktail infusion kits include all the ingredients necessary except the alcohol.


It’s so different in the UK, that was where my obsession began. I found these amazing cocktail kits for sale. I immediately began the research into all the possibilities.


Well in the US each state has different liquor laws. So even if you can bypass them, you will need to be at home, over 21 and sign for the package or it cannot be dropped off.

 It’s very challenging, hence the reason most cocktail infusion kits do not come with alcohol.

Cocktail infusion kit recipes


Setting up a home bar can get expensive. Between the alcohol, mixers, bitters, & sugars it can be challenging to have everything needed on hand for different cocktails. 

That’s why shortcuts can be handy. Each of the cocktail jars serve 8-10 drinks which can be a great way to stock your home bar with minimum effort.


Basic infusion Recipe


1 part infusion   (1 1/2 oz. average)


3 parts mixer (4 1/2 oz. average)


Adjust to taste.

When using infusions, the best way to choose a mixer is to let the infusions ingredients guide you. Take any of the fruits or flavors and amplify.


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Sparkling water


When deciding on a mixer, start with sparkling water if the infusion needs to be thinned out.

This works great with most infusions if you don’t need to introduce any other flavors.


Flavored seltzers


Flavored seltzers or hard seltzers are great because they are fizzy and flavorful without adding much sugar. 




There are some great botanical sodas that would make a great mixer. Lemon, lime or ginger ale are great go-to mixers.




Cranberry, grapefruit, OJ, lemonade, limeade. Often when juices are added, it still may be good to add sparkling water to cut the sweetness.




Many of the chocolate infusions are terrific added to coffee ( and/or cream.) Almost all of the infusions would work well with infused with green tea for a mocktail.



The chocolate infusions are great added to milk and cream. 




Use beer or champagne to top off your cocktail. Champagne works great to top off many of the infusions, especially the sangrias. If you are a beer lover, here are some beer cocktail ideas to check out.


Non-Alcoholic Infusions


All of the infusions can be made non-alcoholic by infusing with water, tea or coffee. Mocktails are commonly available on bar menus to enjoy and it’s great to be able to offer interesting drinks at your home bar also.


Best alcohol infusion kits


I like the idea of being able to add your own brand of liquor to your chosen cocktail. Since it is a personal preference, find the cocktail infusion flavors that you would like to try the most.


The fun part is that each cocktail can be made with different alcohols changing the cocktails flavor profile.

If you enjoy subscription boxes you may want to try this cocktail kit subscription.


diy cocktail kit

Diy alcohol infusion kit


You can put together your own diy alcohol infusion kit by using our jars and different mixers or (since you are not shipping) some alcohol, mixers and bitters.


These diy alcohol infusion kits are simple to put together by ordering some things from Amazon and adding your own bottle.

Most of the alcohol infusion kits are under $50 and make great gifts.


Conclusion Cocktail infusions


The best thing about having cocktail infusions handy is that you are always ready for when someone stops by. It can also be fun to turn it into an activity and use them to create “tastings.” 

Add a few to your home bar so you have them handy for an impromptu celebration with friends..



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