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Barbie Rose Cocktail

Barbie rose cocktail

Our Barbie Rose Cocktail is perfect for your next girls night, movie night or brunch!

Our Rose Petal Cocktail Infusion has honey, roses, hibiscus, lemons and bitters infused sugar. We used vodka to infuse (but so many other options😊)  and topped it off with champagne!

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Barbe Rose Cocktail

Create a cocktail similar to our infusion

1.5 oz vodka

1 oz of lemon hibiscus tea

1 oz honey rose syrup

2 dashes of @Angostura bitters

Top off with Champagne

Pink edible glitter

Some fun ice cube trays! We added rose petals to the trays for extra beauty.

Enjoy the pink Barbie craze with our Barbie Rose with added edible glitter and incredible layers of flavors!



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